COVID-19 Update Page. 


Due to the ongoing pandemic Actss Alberta has put all events on hold to keep our volunteers and family members safe. If you have a little extra to help families and their pets fight cancer please hit the donate button below and Thank you.


The Actss Calendar

We will be making a Actss calendar for late 2021 through to the end of 2022. Please keep checking in on our website or our Facebook page for updates.



Due to not having any events to attend and not having fundraisers in the works, our Volunteer base is full. Please keep checking back on our website or our Facebook page for updates. We are always looking for People with a passion for helping pets.



If you have an idea for a COVID-19 safe fundraiser that would help Actss raise funds and in turn Actss Alberta could help you promote your business or idea in a Covid safe way, please let us know by following the link below.

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 48012 Village Landing 
St. Albert, AB. T8N 5V9

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (ACTSS) | Registered Charity Number 883300626 RR 0001  

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